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Lets look at a few idea for music on the beach in Hawaii at your destination wedding.

Musicians of Harp and flute play for a Wedding in Hawaii on the beach
Always choose professional musicians and don't be afraid to check what qualifications they have. Most ensembles or bands will be able to provide you with a demonstration CD or tape to give you an idea of the quality of their playing.
Experienced musicians will be able to provide advice on suitable repertoire for the different aspects of your wedding day, and should be able to send you a list of the pieces that they play. They will find it helpful if you then make your own list of the items that you particularly like and also any that you dislike.

  1. Hawaii wedding music ukulele player
If you are having a civil wedding, you must make sure that none of the music played during the ceremony has a religious connection. You may be asked by the registrar to provide a list of the items that will be performed.

Hula dancer dancing at a Hawaii beach wedding 

  1. If your wedding reception is in a public place (i.e. a hotel, restaurant or hall) then that venue requires a licence for the performance of music that is still in copyright. It is up to the venue (and not you or the performers) to obtain a licence, but if they have weddings there regularly they will probably already have one. If your reception is taking place in a private location (for instance in a marquee in the garden of a private house) no licence is required. Similarly, the PRS do not licence the performance of music during "Divine Service in churches or other places of worship". More information is available from the Performing Rights Society.

  2. Establish contact with your musicians two or three weeks before your wedding to confirm arrangements and to finalise details of the music that will be played.
  3. Some thought will need to be given to the placement of live musicians so that the volume of the music never interferes with guests' conversations. Discuss this with your contact at the reception venue if you are worried, and mention any concerns you have to the musicians themselves as they will be used to bearing this in mind when they play. Your musicians will also need a room in which to leave their instrument cases so that they are safe and out of the way.
  4. When you visit your reception venue make sure that you have checked that there will be enough room to position the band or ensemble. Check with the musicians as to how much room they will need for their instruments, music stands, amplifiers and so on, and ask them if they have any special seating requirements. String players, for example, require chairs without arms in order to bow their instruments properly.
  5. Your musicians will require short breaks from time to time. It is a good idea to provide them with some refreshments, and depending on the time of day something to eat as well.
  6. If you are going to ask your musicians to play outside, it is helpful to make sure that there will be some form of shelter from the sun. The varnish on some instruments can be ruined by strong sunlight.
  7. Double-check what procedure the band or ensemble has in the event that one of its members is unwell. They will probably have a list of experienced deputies, but it is worth making sure.

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Marriage of Shakti and Ravi – Hawaii Indian Beach Wedding

Indian Hawaii Beach Wedding Theme

Indian themed wedding as you know are usually a story of exquisite opulence , for in India the families save their whole lives for this moment to spend and celebrate the union of their son or daughter to marriage. In Hawaii it may be toned down a bit by celebrating this event as a
Indian Hawaii beach wedding 
Marriage is a very sacred ritual in some societies and culture including the Indian culture. In Indian culture, it is believed that wedding is the bonding of two noble souls. There are myriad of ceremonies and rituals in Indian wedding ceremony. Both the bride and groom participate in them with full vigor. Success of a marriage predominantly depends upon factors such as love, devotion, commitment and faith. In the wedding of Shakti and Ravi, the most noticeable thing was radiant faces of guests who were blessing the future couple with all sort of good luck. The couple cladding traditional Indian attires was the center of attraction. Very few moments come in one’s life where he or she is invited to be a part of happiness. In India guests are treated with utmost guest like god. Ravi and Shakti have maintained the very same tradition.
Marriage of Shakti and Ravi – A Story of Exquisite Opulence.png
It was surely a big fat Indian wedding where marvelous arrangement was ensured for all the invitees. The wedding ceremony of Shakti and Ravi was adorned with the divine elements of hope, happiness and glamour. The location of wedding, the environment also plays a pivotal role in tuning the whole setting. Indian wedding ceremonies are treated like festival where guests, bride and groom clad garish clothes, eat desserts and dishes, decorate the surrounding with glittering light and the element of enthusiasm is infused  in the environment by rich Bollywood songs.  It was a very special occasion for native guests to closely watch the celebrations, rituals of Indian culture otherwise unknown to them. Since last few years, Indian wedding ceremonies are known for their pomp and show; however, even the non residential Indians have kept alive the traditions.  

Shakti and Ravi were not just the hosts but center of attraction on the very special day of their life as having their Wedding in Hawaii on the beach . Flowers, podium for couple, entrance gate, and arrangement of wedding was very special on that special day.  When Shakti and Ravi decided to enter into this sanctified union, luckily divine blessing of seniors was present for them.

 The dazzling couple was not only enthusiastic but also hopeful while preparing to initiate this new chapter of their new life. The glorious decorated venue, imperial display of arrangement is the finest arrangement any wedding can have. The beauty and magnificence of this special wedding ceremony is hard to be described in words. Nowadays, a trend of styled and themed wedding is burgeoning at a rapid pace. Everyone desires to have a sumptuous wedding; luckily so many guests were witness to sumptuous wedding ceremony of Shakti and Ravi. All of us should pray that may the god’s grace always shower upon the couple for all their lifetime.

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Visionaries ,Storytellers & creators who inspire

We are storytellers and producer by heart working on  new online photography galleries for
Beach Weddings of Hawaii , we are emerging as those who inspire others to create and be authentic .  The Wedding-media world is a fascinating event to explore , sparking influence with major focus on secluded beach ceremonies with a international  audience having a footprint of helping couple all over the world .  Specifically, I have been tasked to plan weddings on the island of Oahu that help  encapsulate the different cultures and traditions of Hawaii .Awesome videos will be shown on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram's website – it is not unusual for our videos to reach viewers from the world people and be shared all over the world. Native Hawaiian ceremonies who are married with the theme of Polynesian / Samoan & Tahitian customs is our focus .

Here is our latest fairy tale beach wedding in Hawaii
Photo source found at  Oahu beach wedding

Check out some mermaid style wedding dresses from Davids Bridal

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Hawaii Beach Weddings May be a girls dream come true

Beach Weddings in Hawaii are really fit for a Princess 💗
The wedding day is one of the most memorable and magic moment in a girl’s life and when this special day is celebrated in a lovely location then you can imagine her dream being fulfilled, you have just made her day memorable for the rest of her life. Today couples want to do more than the ordinary routine of getting the married done in a closed room or exchanging rings in a church. They want it to be an out-of-the-box and personal experience; somewhere everyone can have their fun while also taking part in the rituals.

Hence, steps in the concept of beach weddings. Beach weddings are bright, vibrant, fresh, and fun; you might also find friends and family inviting themselves to your event because everyone wants to join in. Just imagine the beauty of the white fabric that adorns your altar next on the beach of Hawaii .
Hawaii beach wedding

How wonderful and elegant would the bride look, walking down the sandy aisle with her bare feet, feeling the sand beneath her toes, between all her guests, who are all dressed casually
and yet gracefully for the occasion.
The cool sea breeze is another bonus that comes along with the package. As the rituals of the Vows and ring exchange are over everyone can just relax talk and mingle right there and of course take pictures the newlyweds .
Ideas for beach wedding dresses we will discuss further :
The Wedding usually of lighter material for the day and still look like a goddess in a sheer white knee-length gown. The groom too can be dressed casual, in maybe a pair of white or khaki pants
and white floral dress shirt and have his bow tie / or vest / or tie  match the color theme of the wedding. 

White and red flowers scattered on the aisle way waiting for the feet of the
bride to walk on ,with pineapples and wooden chiavari chairs

Beach weddings could take a bit of planning and timing so thats why its important to seek the help of a local coordinator who knows the beaches and landscapes of the areas
 you are interested in .
Beach weddings are trending today as a destination wedding and have the possibility of being private if your site is secluded from beach tourist . Destination beach weddings typically are a smaller family affair rather than a room filled with 100's of your friends and family you haven't seen for ages ! .
Oh yah good news  it costs less than the traditional wedding ! .
WOW ok are you sold now on the idea

Hawaii beach wedding video
So, if you're looking ahead to finalizing your ceremony venue on the beach, get started connecting with other brides on pinterest / or forum wedding blogs such as The Knot to share new information with eacher on what to plan expect and deal with by having your ceremony outside in mother nature on the beach . Also for your planning do not forget to include your better half into it he might just have a few good ideas 😍  . Ok once you are set with the information you need get ready to do some relaxing and partying with your friends before the big day.

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Forest greens reds and yellows native splash Hawaiian Summer Time Wedding

Tropical weddings are extremely romantic and there’s no better location to celebrate that romance than in beautiful Hawaii
When planning a wedding in Hawaii, 

 The deep forest greens of the mountains of Hawaii ,  Park weddings of Hawaii

Summertime is the perfect month to do so. Everything is in full bloom and you couldn’t ask for better weather than Hawaiian weather! The most beautiful aspect of Hawaii in the early summer is of course, the tropical plants and flowers that are all opening their buds and bursting open, showing just what Mother Nature can do. Because of the bold colors that these beautiful plants and flowers boast, there are two perfect colors for your tropical Hawaiian wedding . Those are red, green and yellow!

The first way to incorporate the red and green theme into your spring Hawaiian wedding is with the flowers that are native to this area. Petite anthuriums are native to the land and come in bright reds that will surely bring flavor to any bridal bouquet!

Mix these with lava plants that not only come in a bright yellow and red as well but also have luscious greens surrounding the blossom! Add some birds of paradise flowers, protea and ginger that will make for great accents!

Continue on with the flowers by adding bunches of orchids onto the ends of the aisles so you can walk through your own tropical paradise on the way to the aisle. Alternate red and green and although green orchids may be hard to find, you can easily have white orchids, which are more common, dyed in the exact hue of green that you are looking for. This will add a truly unique touch while keeping within your theme at the same time!

One of the easiest ways to create centerpieces for your Summertime Hawaiian wedding is to use tropical flowers again. You can keep with the same flowers mentioned above or you can go a different way with beautiful red and green poinsettias. These are tropical plants as well and it’s very simple to just place one pot in the middle of every table. Poinsettias are also a tropical plant and so they will tie into the red and green Hawaiian theme very nicely. This is also a great idea if you’re planning on holding a tropical Christmas wedding.

Photo source compliments of Wedding in Hawaii

If you want to do something different than flowers, try placing red and green tea lights throughout the center of the table. To add to the idea of being surrounded by water, you can purchase floating tea lights and have them float romantically in the water or you can place marbles in champagne floats and place one tea light in each glass. This is a very special way to make candles as your centerpieces and the marbles will look like bubbles!

When it comes to your wedding favors, your imagination is really your only limit for this type of wedding! Begin by giving every guest a red or green leis as they enter the reception area. Or, you can hand them out before the ceremony and look out to a sea of red and green as you say your vows. These leis can then be taken home by the guests to remind them of the beautiful tropical wedding they attended. Another idea for favors is to hand out floating flip flops in either red or green. You could get really creative and mix them up, one green flip flop to one red flip flop. Print the name of the bride and groom on one color and the name of the groom’s on the other.

Finding candles that are in the shapes of red orchids nestled in a sea of green is also a great way to make sure that your guests always remember the very special wedding they attended. Wrap them in a gift box colored red or green and print the name of the couple on the outside of the box. Choose red gift boxes and print the names in green, or vice versa.

You may want to stay within the red and green theme when it comes to your menu as well and again, there are very simple ways to do this. Beginning with the cake, it’s probably best to start with white and have red and green accents. Trim one tier with small red flowers designed from icing and on the next, trim with green flowers that have been carved from the same flavor icing. Incorporate into the menu such items as red and green grapes, red and green salad, using spring mix lettuce and red peppers, and red and green Bartlett pears. Mangos are also red and green, depending on how ripe they are. Peel these so that they still show the skin and help further your theme! Fruit is probably the easiest kind of food to find in red and green and you will find that works very well as there is a lot of tropical fruit to choose from!

And of course, you want to make sure that your dress will fit into the theme as well. If you’re up for something really fun, you could have the groom wear khaki shorts or pants with a Hawaiian tropical shirt. The bride could then wear a tropical print halter dress that would tie in nicely with the Hawaiian theme. If you were hoping to be a bit more formal with your attire, you can wear a white dress but one that is sleeveless will work the best. You can also make the dress a little more fun, flirty and tropical by choosing a dress that falls at the knee or just above instead of wearing a floor-length ball gown.

Having your wedding in Hawaii is extremely romantic and lots of fun! When you choose any colors, it’s sure to open your imagination and really get those creative juices flowing! And when red and green are colors, you will find you have so many options available to you as this color is naturally everywhere in Hawaii ..   Green and Red Hawaii wedding 

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Wedding in Hawaii

Wedding in Hawaii
Beach tropical aisle way flowers